Services Offered at Spectrus

Tele-Mental Health Options Now Available

Individual psychotherapy can be a way to gain insight into oneself, obtain needed emotional support, engage in problem-solving, and work to change behaviors and ineffective relationship and social patterns. Clinical work is approached from an integrative perspective and Dr. Williams is able to pull from a variety of therapeutic techniques to foster change with her patients. 

Couples therapy can provide a safe space to process important issues which arise in relationships and allow partners to learn and grow together. Dr. Williams can assist with important relationship building skills, such as conflict management, communication, and empathic attunement. 

The family unit can be viewed as a system of interconnected parts, with each member serving an important role. When difficulties arise in a family, having support, guidance, teaching, and modeling can allow helpful change to occur, which benefits the family as a whole. Dr. Williams uses a Family Systems approach with integrative techniques to support families as they work through challenges.

Group therapy is a hidden gem among psychological services that many people have not discovered. The group becomes an important environment for connection, support, feedback, and learning which can lead to great personal change. Dr. Williams helps members learn to trust, grow, and try new ways of relating to others through careful guidance and modeling.

Teaching, training, and consultation can be invaluable for individuals who seek to be helpful and supportive in new ways to those they love or serve. Dr. Williams' consultation and training can involve many components, including psycho-education about particular issues or diagnoses, and instruction designed to enhance parenting, conflict management, communication, and various other skills.

Parents Seeking Help for

Adult Children

Dr. Williams frequently receives inquiries from parents who want to assist their adult children in obtaining therapy services.  One helpful starting point for concerned parents is setting a consultation appointment of your own to discuss your worries and determine appropriate boundaries, parenting approaches, and practical steps to helping your adult child thrive. For parents who believe their adult child needs one-on-one services, please reference the document below to learn more about how Dr. Williams will approach this situation.